Friday, August 7, 2009

Bieber fever?

Hey Everyone :)

So im sure you all feel the bieber fever!?

Cause i SURE do. Is that boy perfext or what?

Amazing voice, hair, eyes. Perfect.

And hes single :)

me & kristi-lyn

are his biggest fans.

now now, i know yall love him.

but you dont got nothin on us.

if any of you happened to catch MOD today

we were on webcam with him today :)

wereone step closer to our dream of meetin him <3

weve been followin his youtube for 3 years now.

and we will do ANYTHING to get to this boy.

Which is what we plan to do. On this blog you can follow

our adventures of promoting him & getting closer to our dream.

Weve seen him proform @ summer rush halifax

& got an

"i love you too girls"

today on MOD. So , untill we get our video

diarys on youtube. Follow us here :)

_love for all ;; k xx